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United Kingdom

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Daytona T595

03 May 2017 10:27
Ah THAT BULB in the idiot light array (I'm beginning to earn the name now), is still OEM bulb, and i left it so with the rest of the little (T5?) incandecent bulbs, because somewhere in the recess of my brain-cell echoes of the said bulb; changing that BULB intdicator warning to LED, the flash rate will go nuts, But i didnt join the dots here. So replacing the warning lamp bulb from incandecent to LED will sillyfie the flash rate or sensiblise it?

My cell may of gone rouge joining dots there... thats quite unusual and feels weird. Sorry.

My sympathy goes to your attempts to educate and tutor the masses to sustain your cat food supplies. Life, it seems can be a bit like a tin of cat food, alas.

I am the spanner.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > led relay
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