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Sir Alan of Ingol
sespit of the north,
United Kingdom

Posts: 13811

02 May 2017 23:15
I was refering to an LED unit (bulb for ease) in the warning light , this would explain the silly action of the warning BULB

I supply those cf13 , s to the "kids" on the sinnis apache/pulse adrenaline forums , not saying they are thick BUT as there flasher units are only 2 pin with push on connectors , I have had to revert to soldering a flylead to the earth terminal and h/shrink and a small ring terminal , with instructions on how to use a spanner , can you imagine those people doing a diode mod ?, I almost gave in , but bought a couple of the short lighting looms s/hand , modify them and do them on an exchange basis

sigh , but it feeds the cat ,,
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