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Daytona T595

02 May 2017 21:41
Nelster: this cf13 i just got aint working out the box. the spades have no numbers either. SirAlan just pointed me (another thread on another channel) a test of poles at relay plug end, because i think it is poles on the 'I' or female end of the relay causing issues. no flashing occurs, nowt, yet the original heller relay works, but is fast.

I read somewhere that the load from the positive can cause an overflow into the negative, and the negative can act as a ground and also a trampoline to positive charge to a shared earth that can cause other lights to illuminate. thats really weird.

SirAlan, before my attempt at the diode mod, all flashers glowed on right turn and fast flash on left. Id say now the diode fix is a huge clean-up since everything flashes as expected, but just rapidly, thanks.

I'm tempted to just swap the 'I' + with the - to see if previous owner fekked with the lectrix that much. I mean the hash I tidied up the second day i had it after opening the front and tail - i saw things i cant unsee that filled me with fear... things with domestic consumer units, block terminals, duck tape, splice blocks. They were obviously allergic to soldering. prev owner was an engineer too.

Cheers guys.

PS Offt post full fork service front end service i did, the bike has transformed! Hexam - Edinburgh return.
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