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East Midlands,
United Kingdom

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27 Apr 2017 19:50
Hi All
Serviced bike.
New plugs
Checked and adjusted valve clearances.
Cleaned and re oiled K&N filter
Stripped and cleaned carbs. Fitted new float needles and adjusted float height. Fitted new idle screws and springs. Adjusted new screws to factory settings.

On start up she runs but sluggish and lumpy on tick over. Took it to local Bike garage and asked them to balance the carbs and adjust the mixture screws. They called me today and said that they have balanced the carbs but have not adjusted the mixture screws as i have already set them to factory settings and that they should not need further adjustment. they also told me that the bike runs better but is still lumpy on tick over.

Are they trying to pull the wool over my eyes or do they not have the correct kit to check and adjust the tick over?

From what i read in the haynes manual in order to adjust the mixture a carbon dioxide sensor has to be inserted into each exhaust downpipes and each carb adjusted with a special tool as there is very little clearance between the indevidual mixing screws and the gearbox casing.

Is this a job for a Triumph Dealership only?

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Next PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Trident 900 carb set up
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