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Nice n Fat
Wilts, Berks & Hants,
United Kingdom

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Bonneville (01-08)

05 Apr 2017 11:08
The problem they have Paul is that Steve Lynham is £40 a pair cheaper on fitted tyres and that the Winter Period is dead trading for them because they have failed to adapt to the changing environment of internet trading and staying open all day Saturday

I couldn't believe that they were not open on Saturday afternoons /media/file/68297.aspx

They should be open all day Saturday for a few hours on Sunday especially when they have Blade Group sat right on their doorstep :speechless:

Plus they are miserable f!$%ers

I couldn't disagree with you on that one. I always got the impression they were doing me a favour whenever I dealt with them :thumbdown:

(ps. DC filled his GS with Diesel at the weekend and then after some DIY draining tried to start it, now f!$%ed and needs some garage work :speechless:)

How the hell did he even manage to get a diesel nozzle in to the tank? :speechless:

Where is he taking it to?
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