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08 May 2016 08:04
This has been "liberated" from the Triumph Explorer Website. If you have been lucky enough to but a new Triumph and did you pay for your first service?, read below....

Just thought I would share this. When I was setting the deal for the new bike like everyone I was trying to get the best deal available so I was asking for the first service to be included in the deal, which at first did not go down well but then I pointed out that they only had to cover the parts as the labour for the first service is included in the on the road price, to which I had a umm don't think so!! so I directed them to the new bike configurator and the button next to the OTR price which when pressed drops a dialogue box which states

" *On-the-road retail price inclusive of first registration fee, Vehicle Excise Duty, manufacturer’s delivery to retailer, number plate, tax disc holder, petrol, first service labour† and VAT @ 20%. Twin colour premium may apply. We reserve the right to amend prices at any time and without notice. †When performed by the supplying dealer"

Now as the dealer did not know this I thought how many people have bought a new bike and ended up paying the labour on their first service not knowing about this so basically paying twice for the labour.
Thought it may be helpful for those who are going to get the first service or maybe even help those who have already paid get some money back.
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Next PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > New Triumph - First Service Labour Cost
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