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East Yorkshire,
United Kingdom

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Trident 900

28 Apr 2016 22:11
Hi Jonesy Lad.

Daft as it sounds, probably the easiest way to get more oomph is to get hold of a 900 Trident engine and slot that in .... instant increase in power (69bhp - 98bhp in the twirl of a spanner or two:evil:). Thunderbird Sport will give you around 85bhp if you can find one.:grin:
Trident 750 pistons are higher compression ratio then the 900 and are on the same bore size, and can pep up a 900 engine if needed.
Keep the original engine though if you choose to go down that route as Thunderbirds seem to be keeping their value well, and you can then swap it back should you decide to sell.
Otherwise I guess it's new cams, pistons, carbs, ECU, exhausts etc - the usual stuff!
And it will probably be all guesswork.
Oh ... don't forget to improve the brakes!

Others on here may have more knowledge of this kind of thing than I have and may have better suggestions.

Have fun!
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