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South London,
United Kingdom

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Sprint ST (05->)

26 Feb 2016 10:34
Dear Fellow Triumphants!

I am new to this forum. I recently bought a 2005 Sprint ST1050 and have an issue I'd like to seek your help with please!

Here's what I've done so far to my Trumpet:
- replaced the air filter with a K&N one
- new spark plugs
- new clutch plates
- removed the o2 sensor using a blanking plate in the downpipe and a plug in the electrical connector
- using TORS exhaust
- SAI is still in place and not blocked off
- using 20106 map but I haven't done anything to say the o2 sensor is removed presuming it detects that itself!
- using TuneECU I have checked the voltage for my TPS is OK
- using TuneECU I can see my throttle bodies are not too far out of balance (it shows pressures of 600, 610 and 620)

My problem is that I get bad hesitation when I accelerate from a standstill in first gear.

Anyone have any idea what this could be? Could my throttle bodies need cleaning? Do they look out of balance at 600, 610 and 620?

Grateful for your input. Many thanks!:thumbup:
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Next PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > Hesitant Acceleration
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