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United Kingdom

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Daytona T595

19 Feb 2016 19:56
I've been seeing bits and bobs popping up about the CBR900RR forks being a direct swap for the T595 but can't can't fifth anyone has actually done it....mine are desperate for a rebuild...but I've not got the cash at the moment so that along with gsxr conversion is out the window..and with the mot due next month I need to sort it sooner rather than later....every 2nd hand pair of T595 forks I've seen for sale look like they have been laying on the bottom of a canal....also I've been offered a set of 2004 955i forks but I know I need the wheel + spindle ect to fit them to my 97 T595. ..I thought Mabey I could swap the internals and chrome tubes over into my original stanchions but can't find anything definitive as to whether or not its possible
Any help would be much appreciated
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Next PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > T595 fork swap
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