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28 Dec 2015 21:11
can i remove the starter motor and the alternator or just the alternator?

i know it is very dificult to jump start my daytona but it seems a good way to lose some weight(around 5kg).
this kind of engine suport about 30 laps (traning, qualifying and race) using only the battery? (x-man what about?)

any one try it?

the roules for the next year arrive and it is not possible to swich from sssa to dssa. i'll try to lose some weight by machining it some where....

i found on the internet, one guy who says the problem in this engine are the rod bearings that rotate on it.

he says that increasing the angle where the rod bearings fit and using stiffer screws on the rods, that ceases the problem. any one heard about this?

his talking about this angles

Question is: did you check the bearing play with plastigauge after the rebuild?
I rebuild the engine's always with the biggest bearing play (white bearings for the >2002 955 Daytona ) available and then use a 15W50 oil.
If you remove the alternator and starter you can take out the complete inner gears for it.
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Previous PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > preparing to race next year
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