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26 Dec 2015 23:02
it is possible to use the exhaust manifolds from a 955i on a t595?

when cornering to right side the exhaust touch on the track....

I don't know how much modification's you did on the suspension.
Raising the front is a solution. I mean, putting the tubes as much down in the yokes as possible. Also as X-man said, the later model exhaust for this engine is much better. For relialebility I don't know much about this first model engine and the race class regulations your racing in. At least using a 15W50 oil will help.
More cornering feel is added by using LSL yokes with 30mm offset instead the Oem 35mm. Or even better 25mm, as the set I use. What N/mm spring do you use in the back? Installing a closed cartridge by Andreanni at the front makes a s!$% load of difference, but come's at a price.
Changing the SSSA by a DSSA gains a lot of kilo's. I have mine changed back to a SSSA from a 1050 as I missed the looks of it, is much heavier:sad:
The heavilly modified DSSA is for sale, incl the 3 6" Fireblade rims and different sprockets. You are then able to run a 17t at the front without destroing the chainsupport.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > preparing to race next year
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