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The drugs do work.,
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16 Dec 2015 22:46
I'd buy Nitron every time. They have always provided me and mine with outstanding service even to the point of converting and servicing a shock; from a SV650 spec to VFR400RR spec at very little money. And you can speak to the person who builds it (or at least you could when we were dealers).

Mine was going to be a Nitron, and I'd spoken to one of the technical guys there, but then HG stopped dealing with them (the Krauts took control back to Germany and axed a load of UK third party suppliers in favour of alternatives sourced from German suppliers) in favour of Wilbers. I'd buy either, but as a retail customer I'd probably go with Nitron as they're UK based and (like you say) you can speak to the organ grinder, rather than the monkey. Wilbers were good too though, exchanged numerous emails with their customer service guy who liased with the technical guys before and after I bought it (it had to go back for the spring and damping altering), and his written English was spot on.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > T595 rear shock swap
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