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Sir Alan of Ingol
sespit of the north,
United Kingdom

Posts: 13961

16 Dec 2015 15:25
well just an update , for anyone in the future who buys a s!$%ty CG125!!!

the head lamp is s!$% , it goes out on tickover , so does the back light , and the only time you can see your speed , is when you flick down to sidelights and rev the bollocks off it!!

well its sorted now , not a great cost

I blew the 25/25 w headlight bulb a few weeks ago when I missed a gear!!

new items

1 X rear LED light board (classic dynamo)
5 x LED panel/sidelight bu;lbs (classic dynamo)
1 x 35/35w HALOGEN h/light bulb

now the "trickery"

I bought this AC relay thing from EBay
and snipped the wire coming from the light switch to the side/tail/dash lamps , (all now LED) and fed 12v DC from the ign switch to them.

I found a AC regulator , used on enfield bullets , and some vespas , etc in my tool box , they cost about £12 (UK) or about £5 ebay india.

the feed to the light switch is now regulated to give no more than 14.4 (ish) volts , so no more blown bulbs!!!!

as I said the side light circit is now all LED and using less than s!$% wattage , this after the change has now freed up about 20w of power for the h/lamp , god you can see now!!
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Previous PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > Super "flashy" things
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