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Sir Alan of Ingol
sespit of the north,
United Kingdom

Posts: 13960

07 Dec 2015 13:09
most of you know I seem to own a collection of aging "s!$%e" made before the turn of the century ,

Alas performance is usually something like changing a gas lamp to a modern electric one

working on a "cute" little CG125 (I like it realy!) and trying to get common sence out of the lighting , even after trimming the wicks ,


lots of posts on here and other sites about a cf13/14 electronic flasher , available from triumph / Honda etc dealers for about £15 , also available (from the UK) on ebay for £4.47 although the one shown (and all the others on ebay ) are the CF13JL-02 and not the CF13GL-02 that is needed for the triumph , and if you use one on a trumpet , you with have to swop 2 wires over on the relay socket

now regarding bulbs , fit the best!

pete at classic dynamo and reg does some lovely BRIGHT led indicator bulbs ,

and for the rear end , a nice LED unit that is stop / tail and screws into a rear light unit , fluckin bright

next week the LED h/lamp bulb goes in!
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Next PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > Super "flashy" things
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