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Dover, Kent,
United Kingdom

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Daytona T595

16 Nov 2015 18:53
World of QB Carbon, f!$%ing useless !!
Ordered a pair of Pazzo levers on the 23rd of October. Got a confirmation of payment from Paypal, f!$% all from WoC, not even a confirmation of order. Left it a few days then phoned to check they got the order. "Sorry mate ******** is off for a few days as the kids are off school and he deals with these orders". "He'll be in tomorrow so will get him to sort it out". Several days later, you guessed it, f!$% all. Busy with work so just left it to run until last week. Phoned again, "they haven't come in from the suppliers, will chase them up and call you back". Another weekend goes by, yep, f!$% ALL !! Phoned them today, "oh, haven't you got them yet?, they should have been sent directly from the suppliers. I'll phone them and get back to you in the next half hour". Guess what?.............:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:
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Next PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > Bloody useless......
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