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Wiltshire UK,
United Kingdom

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Trident 750

26 Oct 2015 13:32
Felt I needed to give a big thumbs up somewhere to Mike Capon at Shock Factory.

Two years ago I upgraded the suspension on my 955iST, Hyperpro fork springs replaced standard in the front and a Shock Factory M-shock replaced the Hagon on the rear. The M-shock cost £350 (still does), is a stunning bit of engineering and made the £300 Hagon look like a piece of cheap trash. Apart from the quality, it was built and delivered in under a week, to my spec (longer to lift the back end and sprung for my considerable bulk). It transformed the handling of the bike in exactly the way Mike had said it would. Superb.

Fast forward two years and I've replaced the ST with a 1050 Tiger which has turned out to be a keeper. Last week I pulled off the M-shock which has done 10k miles and still looks mint, and after chatting with Mike tried to fit it to the Tiger. Nope... slight interference problem. I phoned him again, and by agreement sent it back. He's completely overhauled it, changed the body length, and rebuilt it as a shock for a Tiger. He turned it round in a day, and what he charged was a joke...

Awesome product, brilliant customer service... Highly, highly recommended.
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Next PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > Mike Capon's Shock Factory
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