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North Lincs,
United Kingdom

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24 Sep 2015 09:27
Depends on what you want to spend.....

Basic stuff would be:

Make sure the drop link and drag link bearings are greased and working (not very well greased from the factory and tend to get ignored and rust up).

I recommend Nitron rear shock; even the basic one is miles better than the standard one. Penske come a close second and Ohlins if you can spring for top notch stuff.

Front forks; respring and shim stack or cartridge conversion helps them along really nicely. After that its a front fork conversion usually Suzuki GSXer thou but there are others including Ohlins....again it depends on what you want to spend.

I would look at having some headers made; its amazing the ground clearance you can get with custom headers. MHP is a good start because I know they have made them previously.

As far as settings go get yourself on a trackday with suspension setup guys and spring for some cash to get them to help you set it up. Otherwise its trial and error following suspension setup guides; there is one at least on the knowledge base on here.
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Previous PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > 97 t595 header swap
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