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20 Sep 2015 23:29
I raced with a 17/47 option and that gave me animal acceleration off the line to the extent that sometimes it was better to go off in 2nd (T595 engine and later 955i 2002> on engine).

Later throttle bodies give you much better tuning options; again up to 2001 will fit straight on depending on the situation of you IACV valve although its not hard to make it work even if you have the very early setup.

Later exhaust cam gives you a slightly better engine and less trouble with flat spots.

Not sure about the tiger mod....never seen it done or seen any report on it being actually done.

Tuneecu would give you the added advantage of adjusting the ignition timing which is what you want for more torque. Overall a vast improvement over a pc3.

I think the curved link pipes are from speed triple/sprint models only. Not certain though. The later ones from 2002 on can be fitted if you modify the head end to use the early connections. I had mine modded the other way and the guy charged me £80; again its not hard especially if you have an exhaust specialist near you. Chop off ends from both exhausts and weld the early transition pieces to the later pipes to take care of the different angle.
Im interested in these mods, could you give some additional info please.
Throttle bodies - what years upto 2001, Daytona only or others?
Cams - what years, again is it only Daytona or would speed triple be suitable - inlet and exhaust - standard timing or vernier sprocket?
Any info would be great as I would like to start getting parts for winter build.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > 97 t595 header swap
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