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19 Sep 2015 21:14
Anything from a 99to 2001 will give you better clearance. Later than that and it won't fit without mods but may be worth doing. For more torque you need to tune the engine for it on tuneecu. Fitting the later cams and fuel injection will help as well. I assume you have changed the gearing to 17/47 to give yourself nearly ballistic performance off the line?(without any tuning)
Hi X-man, thank you for your reply, I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge on this subject! Is it only 99-01 Daytona headers I can use? I saw a picture Steve Leeson put up with the curved pipe linking the headers, however the only one I've seen so far on eBay with link are for a sprint!
Any info on mods/parts that you mentioned would be appreciated, ie what fuel injection mods, also someone posted back along about fitting Tiger 1050 exhaust cam.
I have a PC3 fitted and dynoed, would the tuneecu be different?
As for gearing I dropped to 16-45 but 6000rpm @ 80, just reverted back to 43
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