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Sprint ST (99-01)

15 May 2015 07:33
Here in Texas and Oklahoma dealerships are closing because of the bad practices of Triumph America, this leaves owners like me with no place to get parts or service our bikes. Example; if there was a recall, my closest dealer is over 300 miles away. This problem means that my Sprint GT has no value in the South West US.
How do we get this problem fixed?

You can't get by this problem. We have the same story here in Norway and the same in Sweden. I had my 2000 Sprint ST serviced yesterday (80,000 km). I live in Norway but use a Swedish workshop which is about 200 ks from where I live. The Swedish guy told me that this problem with Triumph has come about due to the hiring of a new person higher up in the Triumph chain who advocates that they are only interested in the larger Triumph franchises and the smaller businesses should be cut out. This leaves a lot of Triumph owners in the proverbial sh.t, since mileage to the nearest Triumph workshop can be a days ride. The new guy hired in will probably disappear again in a couple of years when they find out that Triumph sales are dropping sharply, due to lack of Triumph dealers and workshops. Just out of interest, the Swedish workshop I was at yesterday has also lost his franchise, but continues independently of Triumph.
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