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Daytona T595

21 Mar 2015 18:39
D-rock :
doesn't have to fulfil the requirements that come with a franchise, so I'd expect him to be cheaper.

He used to run the racing team for Jack Lilleys, he knows the Triumph specifications, has all the same documentation and computer software, and carries out the service to above and beyond Triumph spec.

There may be some non technical Triumph franchise requirements he doesn't have to fulfill, but from a technical perspective he's as good if not better than a main dealer.

D-rock :
but there are also a lot of benefits of using a main dealer than an independent can't necessarily offer.
Somewhere between the two lies the truth.

Yes that's true, courtesy bikes, warranty support, bigger stock of parts, etc,etc.

As said though, technically, Clive is as good as the best main dealer mechanics.

With his background I'd expect nothing less and he sounds like a great person to go to if you're near enough. A small point though, Triumph do not supply updated software to non-franchised dealerships so whatever he uses it's not directly from them, unless someone can demonstrate to me otherwise, and software is updated frequently and bikes coming in for a service regularly have updated tunes as a matter of course when they go through Triumph's Autoscan system. Franchised dealers also get regular technical bulletins that wouldn't be supplied to an independent. If you can prove otherwise I'm sure it would cause an uproar from main dealers who have to work bloody hard and spend a lot of time and money to get and maintain their franchise and have to do a hell of a lot of things an independent doesn't even have to think about.
If you've had great service I'm pleased for you because you need a mix of main and independent dealers so everyone can find something that suits them but the two cannot be realistically compared side by side for many reasons and don't make the assumption that there are not some equally good mechanics at main dealers because there are.


Having been on one of Clive's masterclasses, I would trust him 100% with my bike, although at times he can be a bit too pedantic, such as saying he changes the cam cover washers every time he lifts the cover, so as not to get a customer complaining about a leak.

Sorry Koro, there's nothing unusual or pedantic about that, it's something that should be done at any dealer if the cam cover comes off. You don't re-use any gasket when a bike is in for any sort of work and it's nothing to do with making more money but everything to do with being professional and doing the job to a high standard. If you do the job yourself or get a mate to do it you can choose not to bother but no main (or reputable independent) can or should do as you don't send something back with a leak along with the explanation that the gaskets had been re-used.
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