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United Kingdom

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Tiger Sport

21 Mar 2015 08:52
OK, I've been particularly unlucky with main dealers

Suzuki dealer, never adjusted my clutch at services, always ended up doing it myself between services, what else on the schedule didn't they do?

Seat dealer, charged me for spark plugs itemised on the invoice at 20, 40 and 60k, when the car threw a fault code at £65k for a misfire on one cylinder, I pulled out the original VW/Audi branded plugs, when I phoned them to ask if they used those plugs they said no sir, they are factory fit only, we use NGK.

Same as above on a Vauxhall at approx the same mileage, Opel branded plugs, only they don't itemise their invoices, so I couldn't say I'd been specifically charged for new plugs. Their excuse was that the service schedule doesn't specify new plugs every 20k, but specifies they should be "inspected". Inspecting them at 60k didn't stop the car dropping onto three cylinders a few weeks later and stranding my wife and baby in lane 1 of a 70mph dual carriageway with no hard shoulder.

Toyota dealer wanted to book my car in for a major service and charge 4 hours labour, but do it while I waited from 10am to midday on a Saturday morning, with only one mechanic working on it. Girl at service desk realised only after she'd told me all this why I was asking the questions, and then said "errm, we don't have time to do a major service on a Saturday do we, I'll have to ask my boss about that because we book them in all the time"

BMW dealer, the teenager employed to wash the car dropped his chamois leather on the gritty floor, picked it back up, and carried on using it to dry the car. Big swirly scratches all over it, they had to do a full respray.

I've had several different dealers where you drop the car/bike off in the morning, pay for a few hours labour and when you phone at 4pm to see if it's ready they say, no sir, it's just going into the workshop now, it'll be ready by 5 o'clock. So it sat in the car park all day, and they washed and vacuumed it too, so it spent less than 45 minutes in the workshop.

I'm not saying every dealer is bad, and bike dealers are a lot better than car dealers, but there certainly are good and bad and anyone who works in a dealer knows these things happen, if they are honest with themselves. Trouble in a dealer is you only see the front desk, so you can't tell if they are a good one, or a bad one.

So for me it wasn't a big jump to use an independent, it was by preference.

Clive had only one bike in his workshop all day and concentrated on nothing else for 8 hours. He wasn't under any time pressure, or being told by his boss to go do something else half way through my bike. He did things that weren't included in the service schedule. He really knows his stuff so my bike wasn't touched by a 19 year old apprentice. I spent two hours in the workshop with him in which time he explained loads of stuff to me. He doesn't have 100's of customers, he relies on loyal customers, he doesn't get custom just because he's the local Triumph dealer and somebody local owns a Triumph bike, so each and every customer matters to him, he has to do the job right and keep his customers happy, because loosing one customer matters to him. You deal directly with the knowledgeable mechanic that worked on your bike, you're not talking to a girl on a service desk that knows nothing about cars or bikes and just takes bookings, answers the phone and does paperwork.

It was exactly the service I was looking for and he'll be looking after the bike moving forwards.
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