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24 Jan 2015 10:32
The Motorcycle Centre in Blindley Heath was a bit like that. A few years ago they had fork seal for a '94 Speed Triple on their shelf, not many who could claim that. They had their ups and downs with good mechanics, bad mechanics and a reputation for cut and shut. They sold up, got new staff and cleaned up their act. Split to selling bikes in Blindley Heath, and last I knew the mechanical side of it had moved to behind the BP petrol station in Felbridge.

One of the mechanics kept popping back to Ireland to visit his wife and daughter to help out with a tame brown bear they used in films - quite a character!

I remember them, and that mechanic with the bear. He was planning on getting a tiger too. He meant it!
That shop in Felbridge shut about 4 years ago and is now "Rumbling Tums Cafe." They used to MOT my T"Bird. They were not doing well and had taken to fixing lawnmowers as a sideline. The mechanic was not keen on that because they often came in with dog s!$% around the blades:sick:
The new shop is quite posh. Nothing much under £5000. I was looking at a Rocket in there last year. And the bike gear place next door is quite flash.
Grunge is dying out!
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