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United Kingdom

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Tiger Explorer

24 Oct 2014 20:55
Nice n Fat:
My experience with various Triumph dealers over the years has been, what I would consider to be, below average. Then again, there have been one or two exceptions such as Staffordshire Triumph who have been outstanding :thumbup:

When I test rode an Explorer at Staffordshire Triumph in two and a half years ago, the tank was nearly empty, but.... the sales guy John, said 'sorry mate we're mad busy.. (they were, the place was packed!) .. if you fill her up at the garage down the road (400 yards away) and bring the receipt back, I'll give you the cash'.
So I went to the garage, filled up and drove back. The 800 yard ride was enough to convince me I wanted an Explorer so I bought one and John gave me the cash (and before anyone chips in.. he'd have given me the cash anyway)
They usually send people out on full tanks or enough for an hour or so at least and don't charge a penny. Then you get a cup of coffee when you get back!
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Previous PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > Ongar Versus North City
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