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21 Oct 2014 16:42
When I used to (ahem) work for a living we had a total of 14 courtesy vehicles. Pissed off with spending upwards of 1 hour per day adding fuel to their tanks we took the executive decision to fill all our courtesy cars up and run a full to full policy. Notices were posted inside the car and it became procedure to notify the driver as the keys were handed over of our new policy

The initial cost to do this was in the region of £1200, but we quickly found that not only did the customers appreciate being able to jump in the car and not have to drive across the road to fill up, but they actually only ever paid for the fuel that they used, so did not end up subsidising other's motoring needs :thumbup:

Yes there were a couple of c!$%s that brought the cars back with some fuel missing but on the whole it was a win/win situation and we saved in both time and money topping the cars on an almost daily basis :smile:

Some dealers haven't got the first clue when it comes to customer service :sad::thumbdown:
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Next PostPrevious PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > Ongar Versus North City
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