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21 Oct 2014 15:14
This is not my opinion, My Brother in Law recently decided to dip a toe in the Adventure market and selected an Explorer 1200 as his mount of choice....

As he lives in Harlow he had a choice of dealers North City or Ongar... He booked a test ride with Ongar and when he turned up the demo bike's tank was almost on empty, is this normal....? (the Kawasaki dealer he got his last bike from had the demo bike all fuelled and ready to roll....)

Off he went and had a ball, enough to make him want one, as he does a lot of touring.... His opinion of the Ongar dealer was largely negative, as if they couldn't have cared less whether they sold a bike or not, he went along to North City to have a look see, as he'd been unaware there was a dealer in Romford, and they fell over themselves to get his business... so he's now the proud owner of a 1200 Explorer with a load of extras... From North City

it's odd how two dealerships of the same franchise can be so bloody different...
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Next PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > Ongar Versus North City
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