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North Lincs,
United Kingdom

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01 Oct 2014 09:51
Change exhaust cam, change to later TB's, get tuneecu and get it on the dyno and get the ignition and fuelling matching changes. Exhaust system (full if you can get one that also gives you more ground clearance). Mod airbox to flow more air hi performance air filter. Modify inlet stacks to move power a bit more where you want it (the ones in the airbox. Port and flow the head. de burr and smooth the TB's. In fact a later '99 head may be the best way to go complete with TB's etc and port and flow that. Increase rev limit to 10,750 (at your risk; some have gone to 11,000) but be aware of the fact that shims can jump from under cams at that kind of speed.

You should be able to get to 120 rwhp if you are prepared to go the whole way and accept that it will not be reliable as a standard engine.

Make sure the cooling system is up to the job and look after the oil changes etc. Watch for known weak points like the clutch springs.

Then look at the suspension if you haven't already. Race rear shock and a fork job at least. Dymag or similar lightweight wheels make a HUGE difference.

If you want to cheat put a later 148bhp engine in it and tune that...:tongueout:
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > take more juice from t595
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