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26 Jul 2014 13:27
Bugger - as John young says Triumph pushed the 'trusty' dealers to extinction, (thinking of Wylie & Holland) if this is true where can we go now in the midlands? Birmingham are as bad - i would not want to take any of my bikes there again as the rocket came back broken and not tightened back up properly. i must say i bought my Scrambler from Wolverhampton and had a good deal and to be fair when i had it serviced (1st year) they did a good job with that!! they have serviced the Rocket also before and i had a new tyre fitted there last week.
i think if nothing else Wolverhampton will have to reply to the statement's made even if heads have to roll, but i would be cautious naming names just yet though, it could put you on a sticky wicket without proof. Slander can be very expensive - if you are right proving it in a court of law is the main thing to consider.
The Dutch Porridgewog:
From the last meeting we had, we were told that Triumph lost about £70,000 last year and about the same the year before.
Just before I left they were about to do a stock check which they suspected they were going to lose about £60,000.

I have all the proof I need to be honest. Im sure Triumph Wolverhampton will pipe up and try and defend themselves, but the reality of it is that they know themselves they are a terrible dealership.

The service manager (Team Leader:lol:) was "running" both the Harley Davidson and Triumph Dealerships. In the Dealer Principals own words - we want to concentrate more on the Harley dealership as that is the big winner for us, it made £250,000 last year.

In the last month I was there, my "team leader" got so P*ssed off with how badly run Triumph was, that he phoned me and said I've walked away from Triumph.
This of course caused all the staff at Triumph who don't like him anyway, to get p*ssed off that he is still taking the same salary home.
Now the DP (with no service managing experience...) is managing the service department and he has not got a clue!

They shot themselves in the foot when they decided that if you buy a RAT membership for £10, you can get 20% off ANYTHING (except a bike) in store. So that's your service profit, parts profit and merchandise profit gone right there.
So if anybody wants some cheap bits, go and ask the girl on parts for a RAT membership!
People were actually buying bits from us and then selling them to their friends making a profit!!!

I won't divulge into any more information than I should, but I'm sure a member on here (*steelboss*) can explain what happened to him...
This was the same on 3 other bikes. Also, as it turned out, the oil in his final drive unit wasn't changed on its service. A "FRIEND" tells me that this has never once been changed on a service on any bike that passed through the doors, nor had the fork oil.

I'm not saying all of this just to express my anger and hatred for the company, I am also trying to stop a lot of genuinely nice people from getting robbed!

If anybody is to blame for this its the utter tw*t Adrian Thomas. One for being a terrible leader and 2 for employing a terrible dealer principal.
He also handed out 20% discount for the RAT members, when the club manager only asked for %10 !!

If anybody from Triumph would like to try and defend themselves, I am happy to reveal the customer names and will personally message them on facebook to get them to "check" their spark plugs and air filter have actually been changed...


Does this mean they've lost 60,000 quids worth of Triumph bikes/spares/etc?(£130,000?)40
That's a big hit to take, so where's it all gone if they've NOT been putting it on the bikes they're supposed to be servicing?
Somebody in the parts department been funneling it out to fill his pockets on eBay?
Mechanic building himself an Explorer at home out of parts he's nicked?

In any case, it all sounds like a very poor way of running a business:thumbdown:


Not necessarily. The old Parts guy named A**y was stealing parts and selling them on ebay and to customers, or so I was told by the new girl in parts.

But "im told" the place hasnt had a stock check in over 3 years when it should be done monthly. It all comes down to bad leadership. The team leader was responsible for doing the stock check and I was told by 3 different people that the stock check at his previous place of work was terrible (-£20,000) and shortly afterwards, he left.

There is no organisation there at all, which is the reason why they wont be there very long. Triumph is and always was Second best to Harley Davidson. They had the best workshop, staff, tools, showroom etc, Triumph had the very worst.


I don't know where to suggest to take your bikes instead of Wolverhampton, that's local.

I have heard some bad things from Birmingham, but you always hear the negatives and not the positives. They seemed a nice bunch when I met them on a training course. They also have a team leader and their parts advisor is not a 17 year old girl who doesnt know the front of a motorbike from its back.

Other than that, all I can suggest is BS bikes (staffordshire triumph) Stoke. Triumph dealers, and I've only heard good things about these guys.

Best of luck to anybody who goes back to Wolverhampton despite my warning!
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