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24 Jul 2014 09:48
John Young:
John Young :
Hello Alex

Welcome and I look forward to talking about your departure from the dealership on this very forum just as people are getting to know and trust you. :tongueout:

Stratstones Triumph at W'ton appear to have a wonderful knack for that.

The dealership has had had more personel changes since it opened than any other business (let alone Triumph dealer that I know). How many "Dealer Principals" has the branch had now since opening ? 4/5 ? I've lost count !! :smirk: :smirk:

I'm reasonably sure that one day, the decision makers at Stratstones will "catch-on" that you can't operate a bike shop using the same style as a car dealer. Until that day, I suspect many of us will continue to use proper bike dealers

Good luck anyway ........ (You'll need it :smirk:)



PS : I know that I've said this before, but as I'm hurtling across the German Autobahns, throttle pinned to the stop, the very last thing that I want to be thinking is that my servicing as been done by the cheapest dealer in the area. Just an idea, but what about trying to be the best first, before worrying about being the cheapest ....:evil:

Hate to say I told you so but I told you so ........

I'm really sorry to hear of your troubles, but am I surprised ? Of course not !!

Just a quick question though. Terry ? This isn't another change of dealership principal is it ?

Triumph really do need to send in a "secret shopper" to that place. It is doing major damage to the brand of Triumph.

However to some extent the factory have brought this upon themselves with the policy they have adopted which is seeing "real" bike shops lose their dealership status to companies such as Stratstones. :angry::angry:


I know, you were right John. Terry was employed the same week as me and worked at Harley Davidson in Dubai, so had / has no Triumph experience.

They had a mystery shopper and they failed miserably last year. There is meant to be one coming into the store soon, but Triumph pretty much tell you when its going to be so there's not real surprise.

Its a shame but working at this place has put an end to my career in the automotive industry as I can not work for people who care about only numbers and want to rip hard working people off.

From the last meeting we had, we were told that Triumph lost about £70,000 last year and about the same the year before.
Just before I left they were about to do a stock check which they suspected they were going to lose about £60,000.

I can say with confidence that by 2017 that Triumph Wolverhampton will not be there.

To any future employee who is reading this because you have been offered a job... I would seriously turn it down, unless you like committing fraud on a massive scale.

Anyhow, I will press on with my letter to Triumph and see where it goes.

Also, a work of advice to anybody looking to buy any of the helmets on the HJC stand. A friend tells me ;) that Terry knocked over the stand and sent 14 helmets flying from about 5 foot in the air but refused to take them off sale or reduce the price.
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