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United Kingdom

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Thruxton (04-08)

17 Jul 2014 00:26
Quickest way is Junk the airbox jet up fit freer pipes. Most all the restriction and much talked gutlessness comes from Triumph having to strangle them to get a 70s type design through 21st century emmisions controls. Lose the 21st century bits and power will come. Between 5-10 hp or so I've been told. Me I've stuck with the airbox and just removed the internal baffle, fitted a K&N in the box and lost the standard cans and it runs great. Haven't bothered measuring it but it'll hit 120 on the clock and that's plenty fast enough for the antiquated chassis design. Last time I junked an airbox was on a Yam XJ550 and it ran like s!$% in the rain with separate filters getting saturated. As I use the bike all the time even in the rain I haven't gone down that route. Beyond freeing up the breathing its serious work, big bore kits cams etc. I'm told the 790 cams work very well in 865 engines.
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Previous PostTech Posts > Performance Tips & Tricks > Bonnie power
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