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from the"mud people",
United Kingdom

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Daytona 955i (99-01)

19 Jun 2014 21:24
On the wirral.

Not too happy at the moment with their service. Paid them to pick the bike up (£70, 20 minutes up the road..but hey ho) and sort the carbs out on my bandit 1200(yes i know, not triumph, but still a bike)Now..before they got their hands on it, i had renewed the float needles and seats and sonic cleaned the carbs, and put in a stage 1 dynojet, replaced the exhaust system with a delkevic system. That is why i wanted them to do the bike, as i had gone as far as i could. I also replaced the fuel tap, as when i bought the bike, it flooded like mad, hence the needles and tap.
I have done some work on the bike today to try and sort out why it was STILL RUNNING LIKE s!$%E, popping and farting on idle. I have had to retighten the headers, replace a vent pipe missing off the tank, replace a bolt missing off a pipe i have on to make it easier to balance( i have them blanked off with some little stainless bolts) replace a missing pre-heater (one was already missing which i knew about as i had broke it). Im sitting there doing all this, and look to see petrol pissing out of the airbox...its flooding like mad.I turn off the tap and take plugs out to release the petrol in the cylinders:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: I had the bike on the side stand for weeks and not a drop got past before all this work.I also wasn't happy with the way the lad strapped the bike into the van, not the way you would by strapping the front down by the forks, but put it to the side and strapped it to the side of the van. I did mention the way he was doing it wrong, but his answer was "we usually have race bikes in here, this is how i always do it":beatup::beatup::speechless: ( i should have backed the bike out there and then, but i wanted to sort the bike out so let it go)
£370 in total, and not one bit happy with the quality of work done AT ALL:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::angry::angry:

I only had today to get the bike out, as i have been at work all week.
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Next PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > motrac
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