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United Kingdom

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Sprint GT

05 Jun 2014 19:16
Nowt but praise for them, bought the 2nd hand Sprint GT from them last month. Advised that one of the front discs was slightly warped (passed MOT but could feel it VERY slightly) when I went to pick it up.
Was told by them they had the parts on order to change discs and could I arrange a time to come in and get them swapped.
Had it done this Monday, 2 shiny new discs, fresh set of pads for both (even adjusted the chain while it was in, b*&^%$r that was my job for Wednesday LOL), all done free of charge under the warranty.
Can't fault the service, friendly/helpful staff, nice brews, job took exactly as long as they said and some nice bikes to look at while I was there.

(just a shame about theM56/A55 journey there :sad: )
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Next PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > Woods Abergele
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