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Daytona T595

25 May 2014 21:55

I can only speak from my own experience and it's been a positive one, and moreso since my previous post. After the new fuel tap was fitted it was apparent that one of the fuel pipes was perished and needed to be replaced - not a job that I wanted to do myself, and I couldn't ride the bike to a garage because it was spewing petrol - so I asked Budget Bikes if they would collect my bike and drop it at a garage (I was happy to pay for the service and fitting of new fuel pipe). One of the staff offered a better solution - he offered to come to my home the next day, his day off, to repair the perished pipe for me free of charge. How's that for customer service!! He (Chris) was as good as his word and as a result the bike runs perfectly well now.

I have to say I have never bought a bike from them, only been into the shop a couple of times, and the staff etc seem helpful and friendly.

Im pretty sure though I your case of a fuel leak they are legally obligated to fix it?? under warrantee?, although its good that they sorted you out with little hassle to yourself and in a timely manor.
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Previous PostReview Posts > Dealers & Services > Budget Bikes, Swindon (Part 1)
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