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Cape Coral,

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11 Sep 2011 23:27
I apologize if this has been posted previously. I can usually figure things out, but rarely remember doing it. :smile:

Bottom line, Triumph plastic tanks were made by Acerbis using PA 6 Polyamide, or Nylon for us common folk. Nylon is regarded as resistant to gasoline/petrol and most other solvents. Apparently ethanol, and phase separation were not considered, and our government entities never considered anyone would be using PA 6 Nylon tanks.

Speculation can abound on various stress causes, etc. but those factors are all secondary to the Ethanol affect.

However, I have seen examples of severe deformation on the internet (pics) but have not seen such extremes first hand, and I have examined at least ten examples. But, I will say, at the expense of sounding hyper critical, I have not seen a tank from 06 or older that I could not find an Ethanol induced deformation, albeit minor and not obvious to the owners.

And, on a related note, I just looked at a three year old repaint on a tank that had extreme paint adhesion failures. The paint was a professional application using high grade supplies and materials, and none of the other bits had the noted defect. Consensus was that tank deformations was the cause.

Some may disagree, but I feel that Triumph owes warranty repairs for those units still in the warranty period. In the States, the fuel tank is included in the Emissions warranty clause which extends the warranty for emissions items to 5 years or 18,641 miles, whichever occurs first. Most of the time a dealer needs to be reminded of that by showing them the warranty booklet. It gladdens my heart to think that the lawyer who inserted the mileage limit probably got a feather in his cap for that. Guess where the feather should have gone. :frown:
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Fuel Tank Blistering/Warping - A Straw Poll
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