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08 Sep 2011 15:53
Ive got a 2007 SprintST1050 and a 2004 955i speed triple.
Both have plastic tanks.

The tank on the speed triple was replaced with a brand new tank from Jack Lilley three years ago, so I don't believe that anyone can suggest that age has anything to do with what's happened to either tank with them being four and three years old respectively.

The speed triple tank appears to have elongated a bit and is a pig to fit back on, although it does go.

But the more worrying thing I have noticed is inside both of them.
If you open the filler cap on both tanks and look inside at the bottom of the tank, the floor has visibly rippled. But its not random ripples, there is a clear indentation and rippled rings around the exact spot the fuel hits when you put the filler gun in and pull the trigger.

The bottom of the tank has become shaped exactly where the fuel hits it and rippled outwards from that point.
Ill see if I can get a photo of it and post it up, but the fact that both tanks have done exactly the same thing is of some concern to me.

If my tanks become unusable due to this, who is at fault?
The fuel company? I know Ducati suffer the same issue and there has been some legal action between ducati and I think Esso?
I dont know what the outcome was or if that is still ongoing.

Its worth looking at the inside bottom of your tanks to see if anyone else has this issue.
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Next PostPrevious PostTech Posts > Problem Solving > Fuel Tank Blistering/Warping - A Straw Poll
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