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Hybrid ceramic ball hybrid ceramic ball bearing inner and outer ring material is bearing steel (Gcr15) or stainless cr18 (9), ceramic balls are mainly silicon nitride (Si3N4), (ZrO2) oxide, alumina (Al2O3), etc. Of Si3N4 comprehensive performance is superior, has become the first choice for hybrid ceramic ball bearing material. Density of 3.20 g/cm3 of Si3N4 ceramics, bearing steel 7.85 g/cm3 density is much lower. So the ceramic rolling energy effectively restrain high speed rotating centrifugal force, reduce the rolling element load. At the same time can reduce the rolling element and raceway surface between the rotation of the sliding, beneficial to prevent surface damage. Therefore, the hybrid ceramic ball bearing is the best choice used in high speed field, such as high speed motorized spindle bearings, bearings,SKF 6202 Bearing machine tool spindle bearings, dental drill high-speed grinding head bearing, instrument bearing, hard disk drive bearing, etc. Can also be used in such as roller skates, electric toys, model aircraft and civil products.
The NSK vibrating screen, radial clearance impact on the vibrating screen
Radial clearance than the little will create a larger vibration make the bearing system. Quantitative disc feeder radial clearance is too small to cause the high frequency vibration, then cause the low frequency vibration. Through to the vibrating screen bearing test results show that the radial clearance is too large, reduce the radial bearing elastic system natural frequency, easy to produce resonance, produce larger low-frequency vibration. This is because the rolling element and the impact of the ring will generate large acceleration. At the beginning of the impact, has nothing to do with the mechanical quality and shapes of high frequency compression wave, descendants and metal inside; Late in shock, linear vibrating screen which will impact than the compression wave produced by mechanical force mechanical vibration of low frequency. Circular vibrating screen so the radial clearance from congress to make bearing of oscillations in the passband.
Second, the grease performance
Good adaptability, high low temperature performance, can be in indoor and outdoor, the north and the south.
Appropriate consistency, has good vibration reduction, can reduce the noise of motor NTN bearing, is conducive to environmental protection.
Good liquidity, generally requires the use of temperature at 25 ° C to 120 ° C, small starting torque, low operating torque, less power consumption, low temperature rise. Insulation class for grade A, E, B, shall not contain sulfur, chlorine extreme pressure additives.
Antioxidant performance is good, after long-term use, the appearance of the grease color, small ph change, no obvious oxidation phenomenon.
Long service life, can prolong the maintenance cycle, reduce the waste of NTN bearing.
Anti-rust, prevent salt fog ability strong, good water resistance, can be used in harsh working environment.
Lubrication and good abrasion resistance, don't jilt oil, no dry, no emulsification, no loss itself should not containing solids, grease.
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Created: 04/06/2014 05:09
Updated: 22/06/2015 05:32
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