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20 April 2010


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Tune for the '06 1050 Sprint ST (and similar years) - with aftermarket slip-on exhaust and stock air filter (screen removed), no SAI. 98 RON/93 PON fuel. We at POWER-TRIPP Performance take no responsibility for damages or soiled underwear caused as a result of this (or any) tunes shared by us. Users must use the latest version of TuneEdit (v3.9.9.1 or later) to open and download to ECU.Complete remap of fueling and ignition advance with altered F_L change-over points - step-tuned on eddy-current dyno with multi-gas analysis for best output at all loads and engine speeds. Smooth, crisp output. Initial testing showed that the Sprint with the stock map was excessively lean at all engine speeds and loads. So lean, that a full dyno run could not be completed for fear of engine damage. This tune has been road tested in the bike for which it was tuned, and in two different 2006 1050 Sprints, with excellent results.

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