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Owner: White2505
12 May 2010


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9860Tune co adjust, idle adjust fuel trim adjust 3

It's for a T595 with old cams but no wheel sensor. based on 9860 high level carbon can, normal airfilter, no other mods. This has transformed the low end running of my bike. The bucking bronco problem at no/partial throttle around 4000rpm is almost totally eliminated which has highlighted a slight hesitation around 2500 also. basically from 4000 rpm downwards at 40% throttle and less the (original 9860) map appears to be massively over fueled for my high level Triumph carbon can've chopped a fair bit off the low end fueling figures in the map and been out for about 3/4 hour round town. MUCH MUCH improved (for my bike). it's not yet perfect but some fettling will bring it good I think. (I've since noticed that at 4000rpm throttle slow roll ons there can be a little hesitation out on the open road. I think this is the 40% throttle section of the map being a touch lean. I shall richen it up a touch and try it out. If it improves it then I'll send the new map)obviously all tests done using my highly sophisticatedyno made by fatbutt (r)

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