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Triumph's have used fuel injection systems since 1998, which are controlled by software updateable Sagem or Keihin ECU's. The OEM maps loaded into the models at the point of sale are a compromise between performance, petrol consumption and emissions restrictions. Therefore, there is usually scope for improvement over the standard map, either through sacrificing petrol consumption, emissions or both.

The are two main methods of altering fuelling and ignition mapping. The first method is through a piggy back system which uses a secondary ECU to alter the output of the bike's ECU. The market leader in this method is the Power Commander. The second method is to alter the fueling and ignition tables in the bike's ECU using a tool such as TuneBoy or TuneECU.

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Power Commander

Power Commanders are developed by Dynojet and offer the ability to alter the bike's fueling table. The PCIII is a relatively limited tool where by it understands throttle position and current RPM and makes adjustments based upon a simple grid. However, the ECU makes decisions based on a larger number of parameters, so whilst the adjustment made by the PCIII may in the right direction it may not be accurate in all environments. Some of these issues have been addressed in the PCV, which is the latest incarnation.


The TuneBoy project was the first tool on the market to enable tuners to alter the parameters of the ECU, developed by TuneBoy Pty. The tool is split into two components: TuneBoy and TuneEdit. The TuneBoy component is a diagnostics component enabling users to read the current operating values of the ECU and error codes. The TuneEdit component enables tuners to alter most of the parameters in the ECU including: fueling per cylinder, ignition per cylinder, RPM limits and more.


TuneECU is the latest tool on the market, and is a freeware offering. It offers most of the features of TuneEdit, but does not cover all the models available in the Triumph range. Even though the software is offered free, users need to purchase a cable to connect the PC to the bike. Cables are in the region of £10/$15/€15 and can be bought from: Amazon UK Amazon US eBay UK eBay US.

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