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How to upload a file

This tutorial shows you how to upload files to Triumph Torque.

Videos are easiest to watch in full screen mode


Triumph Torque allows members to upload media files (photos and videos) and group them within albums. This facility is designed to allow members to show off their Triumphs and how they use their Triumphs; rather than as a generic filestore.

File Storage Allowance

Members are given a storage allowance, the current utilisation is shown on the right of each page. Once the allowance has been reached, you need to either upgrade your account to premier status and/or delete files if you wish to add more.

Supported File Types

The file storage on Triumph Torque is designed for media files; namely images (PNG,GIF,JPEG), audio (MP3,WAV) and video (MPEG,WMV,AVI,MOV).

Uploading a File

To upload a file to Triumph Torque, click the Upload File link under the File Storage Allowance bar on the right of the page. You can then select the album you wish to upload the file into (or select to create a new album) and select the file to uplaod. The look of the field to select the file will vary by browser; in general there will be a button stating either "Browse", "Select File" or "Choose". Click this to select the file you want to upload from your local machine. You simply then click the upload button.

Uploading multiple files

Currently, you can only upload one file at a time to Triumph Torque. We are working on a client you can download which will enable you to upload large amounts of files in the background, which will be ideal for posting your touring photos with.

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