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How to use TTcode

TTcode (Triumph Torque Code) is our simple markup code to enable you to create feature-rich contributions to Triumph Torque. You don't need to remember any of the codes below, as our posting form has functions that create the code for you. This is based on the well known BBCode.

Format Description Examples
[b]text[/b] Shows the text as bold. [b]This text is in bold[/b]

This text is in bold
[i]text[/i] Shows the text in italics. [i]This text is in italics[/i]

This text is in italics
[u]text[/u] Shows the text underlined. [u]This text is underlined[/u]

This text is underlined
[quote]text[/quote] Shows the text as a quote. [quote]this is a quotation[/quote]

this is a quotation
[quote=source]text[/quote] Shows the text as a quote from the source. [quote=Homertrix]this is a quotation[/quote]

this is a quotation
[color=theColour]text[/color] Shows the text in the specified colour. [color=red]This text is in red[/color]

This text is in red
[file=fileId] Embeds an uploaded member file in the message based upon its unique reference. This can be photos, videos, etc. [file=3414]

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