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How to set your profile picture

This tutorial shows you how to set and change the photo you use on your Triumph Torque photo.

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Triumph Torque allows members to set a picture in your profile to provide a simple, visual representation of you. It is up to you to decide if you want this to be a picture of you, your bike, a caricature, your favourite place and so forth. The image you set for your profile picture will be automatically resized to the correct dimensions by the site before using the image; this will not affect the original image.

Accessing your profile page

Your profile page is effectively the centre hub of everything you do within Triumph Torque. Other visitors access your profile page by simply clicking your name whereever it appears near your contributions (posts, files, etc). You can access your own profile very quickly by clicking your name in the top right next to the menu icon.

Using a file already uploaded to Triumph Torque

Click the "Change Profile Picture" link, this will bring up a list of the files you have already uploaded to Triumph Torque. These files are grouped by album; if you select the album and then simply select the image you want by clicking on the image.

The site will take a copy of that image and resize it for use as your profile picture.

Uploading a new file for your profile picture

Click the "Change Profile Picture" button, this will bring up a file upload dialog. The look of the field to select the file will vary by browser; in general there will be a button stating either "Browse", "Select File" or "Choose". Click this to select the file you want to upload from your local machine. You can upload any supported image file (.jpg, .gif, .png) as your profile picture. Once you have selected your file, click Upload.

The site will upload the file and store it in your file store. It will also take a copy of that image and resize it for use as your profile picture.

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