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Triumph Torque - Forum and Social Network
The independent site for owners of Triumph Motorcycles

Welcome to Triumph Torque, the reincarnation of T595net to reflect the progression of the Triumph brand beyond their flagship motorcycle model of 1997/1998.
Some of the old features from T595net are still a work in progress; but they will return!

Knowledgebase (read only at present)
A collection of technical articles and engine maps for past and present models.

Marketplace (in progress)
Buy and sell your bikes and accessories here, with details on the best prices and special deals available to Torque members.

Media Vault
Member maintained vault of photos, audio and video.

Popular and comprehensive messageboards and forums.

Model Information (in progress)
Comprehensive information about the Hinckley manufactured Triumph Motorcycles.

Who's Online?

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