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paul daly
United Kingdom

Posts: 8
Daytona T595

icon16 Jun 2011 23:43
Hi just bought Triumph955i Super machine when i can get to start the thing......
Sometimes starts ok when cold when hot no start engine turns to slow? starter clutch makes some severe noises while cranking replaced Battery just in case, checked battery leads connections, no fault codes stored in ECU checked by dealer but still the Same.
Any suggestions or a fix would be well appreciated Many Thanks
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Frank Jones
Long Island,NY,

Posts: 14,746
Sprint RS (02-05)

icon17 Jun 2011 04:14
Starter clutch makes severe noises??

Search 'sprag clutch' on 'ere and pray its not that, though it does sound like it might be:sad:

A1 battery at ALL times for Triumph triples:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Severn Valley,
United Kingdom

Premier Member
Posts: 2,706
Speed Triple T309

icon17 Jun 2011 15:33
Do you think the seller knew it had a problem with starting ? It does sound like starter clutch is about to fail completely, in which case potentially expensive fix, as you've probably sussed already.
lord stuart
United Kingdom

Premier Member
Posts: 22,872
Daytona 955i (99-01)

icon17 Jun 2011 16:10
que ptb...:blush:
Tuesday so must be,

Premier Member
Posts: 6,482
Speed Triple 955i (02-04)

icon17 Jun 2011 17:57
Have you tried bump starting it using the existing battery..? That would narrow down the possibilities a lot.
John Nelson
United Kingdom

Posts: 2,391
Tiger (01-06)

icon17 Jun 2011 18:15
Problems brewing up with the sprag clutch won't make it turn over slow.
A slow starter motor will lead you to problems with the sprag clutch, but that's another thing all together.

Check everything, and every connection, in the starter circuit and service the starter motor (check / renew brushes). Do this as a matter of some urgency or you will end up with sprag problems.
Oakworth West Yorks,
United Kingdom

Premier Member
Posts: 5,593
Trophy 1200 (97-03)

icon17 Jun 2011 20:11
If its sounds anything like these two links below :thumbdown:

Its an engine out a strip down job
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